One step ahead.

Always one step ahead.

Drawing on our decades of experience and our technicians, we excel in terms of quality and speed and can ensure that damages are repaired quickly.

  • Delivery of the alignment kits within Germany by technicians in company-owned vehicles, outside Germany through forwarding agents
  • Availability of several alignment kits for volume models
  • Alignment kits for vintage and classic cars as well as luxury and sports car models
  • Fast order processing and delivery to avoid delays in repair
  • Assistance and support in case of complications during repair (by phone / on site)

We are distribution partners of Celette.

As a distribution partner of Celette in Saxony and Brandenburg, we offer the following services:

  • Rental of Celette alignment kits and welding gauges
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  • Celette alignment bench XL rental
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  • Sale of alignment equipment, accessories, spare parts, distribution of Celette products
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  • Repair of all accessories related to your alignment equipment and calibration of your alignment equipment for certifications in cooperation with Celette Deutschland GmbH
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  • NAJA electronic car body measurement
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  • CAMELEON adaptive alignment kit
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Founded in 1992.

Celette Richtsatzverleih, based in Radebeul, was established by managing director and body shell builder Gunter Walter. BBR Celette-Richtsatzverleih GmbH was established in 2000.

  • Over 25 years of experience
  • Qualified and experienced technicians
  • Highest quality of our alignment kits
  • Maximum coverage of alignment kits for vehicle models

Do you have a rental enquiry? Then just use the form below:

In order to process your request, we ask you to provide us with a damage description, your existing equipment, the required accessories and the delivery date in the box below. Note: You can also attach a photo of the damage to this enquiry (click on Search / Select file and upload the corresponding photos, please note: the photos as .jpg and max. 10MB)

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I agree that my details from the contact form will be collected and processed to answer my request. The data will be deleted after the processing of your request. Note: You can revoke your consent at any time for the future by e-mail to Detailed information on handling user data can be found in our privacy policy.

Audi A1

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: VAS 801091

Skoda Scala SK370

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: VAS 80107 + Portallehre VAS 802107

Audi Q8

ab Mj. 2019 >Artikelnummer: VAS 801083

Mercedes B Klasse W247

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: 7247.5A 01 + 7247.8A

VW Touareg 3. Generation

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: VAS801063 + Portallehre Artikelnummer: VAS802063

Mercedes GLE V167

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: 7167.5A + Portallehre 7167.8A

Lamborghini Huracan + Spider

Artikelnummer: 2608.5C

BMW X3 G01

ab Modelljahr 2018 > Artikelnummer: 2695.G01.500

Mercedes A Klasse W177

ab Mj. 2019 > Artikelnummer: 7177.5A + Portallehre Artikelnummer: 7177.8A

Mercedes Sprinter Baureihe 910

ab Mj. 2016 >Artikelnummer: 7910.5A + Portallehre Artikelnummer 7910.8A

Audi A8

ab Mj. 2018 > Artikelnummer: VAS 801065

Volvo XC90 II + XC 60 II

XC90 II ab Mj. 2016 > + XC60 II ab Mj. 2017 > Artikelnummer: 2630.5A + 2630.5A2

Audi Q5

ab Mj. 2017 > Artikelnummer: 2671.5A / VAS 801049 + Portallehre Artikelnummer: 2671.8A / VAS 802049

Audi Q3

ab Mj. 2019 >Artikelnummer: VAS 801093

VW Crafter

ab Mj. 2017 > Artikelnummer: 2672.5AVAS 801045

Audi A6

ab Mj. 2018 > Artikelnummer: VAS 801067 + Portallehre Artikelnummer VAS802087